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Price 50 GBP  / month

Community Plus

The community plus plan includes access to our community, communications and events.

Included each month is 4 day passes.

Day passes are valid Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and you can use your 4 passes as and when you need during the month.

Any additional days can be purchased as normal in addition if you require.These can be bought via the Society1 portal.

Regular monthly payments will be deducted from the account details you provide when you sign up. These details can be changed at a later date via the members login on the society1 portal.

Minimum Commitment

1 months

Time Passes
  • Day Pass 15 GBP (4 included/month)
  • Morning Pass 9am to 1pm 10 GBP
  • Afternoon Pass 1pm to 5pm 10 GBP
Booking Passes
  • 1.0h 10 person meeting room, 8 person meeting room: 17.50 GBP
  • 1.0h 6 person meeting room: 15 GBP
  • 1.0h Guest Day Pass 9am to 5pm: 15 GBP
  • 1.0h Morning Guest Pass 9am to 1pm: 10 GBP
  • 1.0h Afternoon Guest Pass 1pm to 5pm: 10 GBP

This plan renews automatically.

Plan start date: Dec 16

Prorated amount for December: 25.81 GBP

Regular membership due: Jan 01 2019

Plans must be set up in the name of the person that will be working at Society1. The email address and password used here will be used to send registration details and used as their login for the space.

By signing up to this plan you are agreeing to the terms and conditions displayed in this plan and on the Society1 website.  

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